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The Story of Lumblija

There is a unique pastry recipe on Korčula Island – a reminder of a love story believed to be 200 years old. Beginning in 1806, the French army led by General Napoleon Bonaparte took control and occupied Dalmatia. During the next seven years, up until the Austrian army retook Korčula, the French army was positioned on the island. In the town of Blato, one French soldier and a local girl fell in love. The soldier was also a baker, and when the French army had to retreat and leave the island, he made a special pastry and left it to his lover as a gift. As they separated, he left her with the words: “ne m’oublie pas” or “do not forget me”. Since the girl didn’t speak French, the pastry that became the symbol of love between two worlds also became known through the distorted name – “lumblija”. Nowadays, the pastry is prepared only in autumn. It is a true “old-fashioned” recipe – a sweet bread full of spices like cinnamon, anise, black pepper, nutmeg, cloves and dried fruit. Lumblija is a unique gastronomic connection between Croatian and French culture. It is also an amalgam of Korčula’s traditions and produce. Since the early 19th century, a lot of inhabitants had to leave Korčula in search for work and a way to secure a future for themselves and the ones they love. While today they find themselves living as far as Australia or South America, it is not unusual that every year, in autumn, they receive a sweet reminder of their home – a lumblija.