Partnership Offer

Global Love Museum expresses our common destiny and shared future. The Planet is already densely marked by memories of suffering and conflicts. The project intends to support the effort in “redefining” it symbolically, – by love. It is there to remind, in a simplified and, why not, – romantic way, – that human experience matters if we extract wisdom and noble inspiration from it.

Heritage institutions are about the continuation of the values, – those endangered, needing support in retaining their capacity and impact. The world in peril should turn to positive, universal values. Love is one of them.

Global Love Museum was intended to collect places of love memory recognized by communities and cultures as precious to the extent of being part of the local or national identity. From a collection of love stories, we intend to re-organize it in a collection of love spots that the memories belong to, – be it an object in a museum or a landmark.  

Since 2006 we have been proposing this discrete, non-profit virtual museum. The institutions and their curators, archivists and librarians could ennoble their mission by sharing this humanist, emotional and honest potential. All others are welcome too.

The map of the globe dotted with spots of love memory would suggest a better world.

So, if you have an object related to love or know the place marked by such a memory, would you be kind enough to share it? Please, send us the information and we shall gratefully acknowledge your contribution in the way you advise. Become a partner or take over the project.

Can we, as humankind (re)turn to playfulness and emotions before risking the end-of-the-species destiny?

Please, contact us at:

European Heritage Association (EHA), a tiny NGO running experimental projects ( created 23 years ago The Best in Heritage that turned into a well-famed conference with ICOM as the main partner. Now, we lack the resources/strategic partner to manage the Global Love Museum.

Suggest an object, place or story and help our potential grow !


    If once in life you have experienced love, - it has been worth it. Thank you for your contribution !