This is a personal project of Professor Tomislav Šola supported by the European Heritage Association –

a non-profit NGO dedicated to public memory research and projects, exclusive beneficiary of author’s rights.


Tomislav Šola

Museum Director

As a former curator and director, I now collect places. Places of legendary loves and their memory. On this increasingly warring Planet they convey simple but amazing messages. As a long time university professor, I have been lecturing and writing for the last 25 years about science of public memory. Experimentation is an obligation of any science. One experiment is The Best in Heritage conference, successfully created 15 years ago. Among the others, only the Global Love Museum (dating back almost 20 years) is currently visible and on the move. More about me can be found HERE .

Sen Dobrić

Museum Curator

I had the privilege to be a student of prof. Šola and have now been given a unique opportunity to participate in a project both light-hearted and serious, both simple and with enormous potential to grow.

In addition to a part of the site’s content, I also run the technical side of the project; the site itself being in a state of continuous development. Any and all constructive criticism is welcome, we look forward to your comments !


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Our beautiful Planet is becoming an ugly and dangerous place. It is excessively negatively defined by monuments and institutions marking the places of conflict and suffering.

We want to propose places of unique human experience, as a celebration of life and beauty dedicated to love as infinite positive inspiration. In opposition to a discouraging and cynical present, the project is deliberately naïve.

Love, being the most perfect communication we can imagine, deserves (by its total lack of selfishness) its unique place in the human psyche.

Defining our warring Planet through places of love or by rising walls and sites of hatred are probably two opposed visions of life which might make all the difference to our future.

What water is to body, love is to soul.

Love is the only perfect communication human beings can achieve and the true name of freedom. Love has always ignored differences and boundaries; it has always been above the rules and beyond limitations. Love between two human beings seems to gives us the ultimate feeling of fulfilment and purpose.

With it we are invulnerable and noble. Without it, we are exposed to insecurities and inhibitions which demean the human condition. Love is universal and common to all and everybody – no matter when and where on the entire Earth we happen to be. It may well be that love is the central generative principle of the Universe.

The European Heritage Association has made the project possible since 2005 when the first site was launched and supports its new start in 2014. However, we will need assistance for the continuation of the project and shall gratefully consider any proposal for sponsorship.

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You will easily notice our progress by improvements in the quality of our International English. That might mean that some native-speaker joined by editing texts. If the site appears in any other language, it will mean that, again, somebody was there to make it possible. Yet, if you only spread the word and speak well of us, that is just fine already – an act of love in itself.