Project Description

Milica and Turk

In Šibenik in Croatia, there is a street named Milica and Turk Street. Its name is a memento of a young local couple who fought bravely and lost their lives in Šibenik in World War II.

Savinka Jurković – Milica was born in Šibenik, in the city district where the mentioned street is located today. Veljko Ožegović – Turk was also born in Šibenik. After the war started in Croatia, they both joined The National Liberation Movement in Croatia (Partisans) and The League of Communists of Yugoslavia. During one action against Ustashas in 1944, they fled certain death to a house in the village Danilo Kraljice. Enemies surrounded them and set the house on fire, but the couple didn’t surrender. They fought to the last breath, inflicting life threatening damages to the enemies. But they kept the last bullets for themselves – they chose to die at their own hands rather than fall into the hands of their enemies.