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Kodaji-ji temple

Toyotomi Hideyoshi, born as Kinoshita Hiyoshimaru, was a military leader and one of the unifiers of Japan in 16th century. He developed shi-no-ko-sho class system. Although he came from a peasant family, he claimed to be a descendant from the Shinto sun god.

Kōdaijusho Zen-ji temple in Kyoto was built in 1606 in loving memory of late Toyotomi Hideyoshi by his wife Sugihara Yasuko, also known as Kita-no-Mandokoro, Nene or Kodaiin Kogetsuni later when she became nun and served in this temple until her death in 1624. Within the complex there is a sanctuary where they are both buried. It is said that this temple, surrounded by beautiful garden, assures happy marriage, so it is a place where couples are often getting married.

A street near the temple is dedicated to Nene. It bears the name Nene no Michi, which means The Path of Nene.