Project Description

The Circle from Ugljan

Some stories face being forgotten. While the symbols connected might be still around us, their meaning is all but lost. One such story still lives on Ugljan island – an oral record, nowhere recorded in writing or permanent form. The adjacent villages of Poljana and Sutomišćica are located on the northern side of Ugljan island, facing the Croatian mainland. At the spot between the two villages, there is an unmarked stone set in the ground. The family who owned and worked the land around it knew nothing of the reason why “the Circle” – as they named the stone – is there. One day, the eldest member of the family decided to tell it’s story so it wouldn’t be forgotten. There were two lovers, a girl from Sutomišćica and a boy from Poljana. Their families were in dispute and the two were forbidden to see each other – main reason being that the girl came from a very poor family. Naturally, the young couple found a way to stay in touch – they chose a location between the two villages and left notes for each other under rocks there. However, their families were adamant and refused to accept their relationship. The lovers, being unable to wed and seeing no other exit, met for the last time at their spot and committed suicide together. The people from the two villages decided to honor the lost love and built a stone monument. It is said that from then on, no one opposed young people from different villages to be in a relationship and marry. As the newer generations of the family inherited the land only one thing was asked of them: never to remove the stone from where it still stands.