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Jelisaveta Načić and Luk Lukaj

Jelisaveta Načić was born in Belgrade. She enrolled in studies of Architecture at the Great School in Belgrade. Soon after graduating she was employed as the first woman in history of Serbian state government. In autumn of 1915, Jelisaveta Načić was arrested and sent to camp for prisoners of war at Nagymegyer. In that chasm of suffering and death she found her one true love, embodied in exceptional Luka Lukai, from a distinguished and well-off Albanian family. Jelisaveta and Luka fell in love and married in the camp, where they soon became parents of a girl named Lucija. Family was freed from the camp, and set forth toward Belgrade in desire to make it their home. Their experienced unacceptance and public disapproval of a marriage between a Serbian woman and an Albanian man. Realizing that it was impossible to stay in Belgrade any longer, Jelisaveta, Luka and Lucija moved to his home town, Skadar. After it became impossible to continue living at Skadar, Jelisaveta, Luka and Lucija moved to Dubrovnik, where they lived to the end of their lives. Luka died in 1947 and Jelisaveta in 1955.