Project Description

Alexander the Great and Roxanne

Alexander the Great was one of the most exquisite people in history. He decided that he would conquer the world – which was then believed to be much smaller than we know it is today. He led his army across Turkey, Egypt and Persia, conquering all the kingdoms and empires that he found there. When he reached Blakh in Bactra (today’s Afghanistan), he was enchanted by a beautiful young Afghan girl named Roxanne. Her father was the King of Balkh: Alexander killed him in the conquest of his kingdom. Roxanne decided to make the best of the situation: she presented herself to Alexander and offered to become his wife. Alexander accepted her offer, but did not stay in Balkh for long. He continued to travel with his army – southeast to what is now Pakistan and India. Finally, his troops rebelled, saying that there was no point to this journey. They refused to go any further. Alexander was forced to turn back, but he took sick, and died at the age of 33. Meanwhile, Roxanne had given birth to his child. This child was the heir to the Empire of Alexander, which included all of Greece, Egypt, Turkey, Persia, Afghanistan and parts of India. This made Roxanne and her child the target of generals who wanted to kill the boy so that they could divide Alexander’s empire amongst themselves. Unfortunately, after years of hiding, Roxanne and her child were killed. Had this not happened, world history could have been so very different. That child, the only son of Alexander the Great, would have become the ruler of the Empire, and his decendants after him would have taken up that throne. The world map, the languages and even the people who live in those places would have become very different from what they are today.