Our temporary, travelling exhibition will tour the places of love all over the world, - installed at their museums and public places. Being simple, modular, inexpensive and attractive with its universal theme, the exhibition might generate lot of public attention. Our aim is that the exhibition brings attention to the local memory, to our project and the further capacities of the project. When installed, the travelling exhibition should be necessarily complemented by more local material to acquire focus on local story and yet stay intercultural and global in the noblest sense.

Make your own Global Love Museum - the capacity of network

Any travelling exhibition can be turned into a permanent show. With added contents (period objects, audio-visual show) it becomes a sort of a museum. Such exhibition, constructed around the local story, becomes an outpost of the global, virtual museum. Any such exhibition (turned permanent), can periodically change for the benefit of its visitors by introducing new stories from the Global Love Museum collection. Be it in a distant place or in a big city, any may rightfully bear the name of the whole: Global Love Museum. A subtitle may be added referring to the place or the local story. This modest investment of time and means would produce a deserved attraction. It would have prestigious and justified PR impact for any “love place” as a destination in cultural tourism.


As an example, thirteen stories selected for the exhibition are presented below: