• Annual, global conference featuring award-winning museum, heritage and conservation projects     The Best in Heritage

    • The Best in Heritage is an annual conference on which award-winning museum, heritage and conservation projects present their success stories. Representatives of over forty laureates elaborate on their achievements, which have been recognised by professional juries over the past year for their outstanding quality. Aim of the conference is to promote these exceptional projects which demonstrate innovation and excellence concerning the care and communication of heritage.
    • taking place in Dubrovnik every year at the end of September
    • in the charming ambience of neo-baroque Theatre "Marin Držić" and surrounding venues
    • featuring 44 handpicked laureates from all over the world
    • accompanied by rich cultural and social programmes provided by the host
    • an unique opportunity to meet the best amongst museum and heritage professionals.

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  • Succeeding Heritology as the Science of Public Memory     Mnem

    • Mnemosophy is a trans-disciplinary science through which society studies and understands its past, its collective and social memory and the continuous formation of public memory as the contents of the transfer of collective experience.

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  • Bridges of Europe - Shared Identities     BoE

    • The underlying idea of heritage, like that of love or virtues, is that it can be shared because it is virtually inexhaustible. If a certain heritage is claimed by two or more cultures, nations, communities, - that may represent a problem to politics but not to culture, but concept of heritage purports the spread and sharing.

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