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Most troubles of this world are due to the lack of love. In some of its forms and to a great extent, love is the solution to any problem.

We collect places and their memories. Museums are not primarily about objects but about values. They are created to recognize and protect what they find is endangered - a human experience that should be retained and passed on. Love is the value of our choice.

This is a virtual museum, but it is also very much real: the world is dotted by thousands of places of legendary loves. This permanent exhibition presents our current choice.

Some loves outlived their protagonists. Be they fictitious or legendary, or, in many cases entirely real, their memory survived because they express best what the human existence is all about. This inspiration may help us when obsessive materialism, selfishness and fear of different others trivialize our lives.

The first instance of our travelling exhibition is now closed. A brief summary can be found here.